How About the Weather?

While looking for something to write about this week I came upon this article published on May 17, 2013. Entitled “Ancient Egyptians Abandoned Pyramids ‘Because of Extreme Temperature Changes’”, this article addresses new evidence of why the ancient Egyptians stopped building the pyramids. I find it frustrating that just when you begin to think you know about the tombs and pyramids, new evidence is found and can disprove everything you thought you knew. But this is part of the reason why Egyptian history is so fantastic, there is a wealth of information that has yet to be found and it just continues to grow and change the information we have today.

– When we find something new at Giza, we announce it to the world. The Sphinx and the Pyramids are the world treasures. We are the guardians of these treasures, but they belong to the world – Zahi Hawass

-Ali B

2 thoughts on “How About the Weather?

  1. Typically four settings for Egypt – Flood, Hot, Windy, Desert Cold. – CL

  2. Interesting stuff. Hard to believe but it seems they had to deal with the same things we do. Weird to think but I guess its true.

    Posted by Kevin W.

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