Hello internet world, my name is Ali B! Welcome to the about me page on the Egypt All Stars blog. This is a blog that my fellow teammates and I have created for a class project and for your viewing pleasures. Before we get into that let me, tell you a little bit about myself.

  • Graduating Senior at California State University East Bay (woot woot)
  • History Major with an option in US History, but I have a passion for Ancient Civilizations
  • Ancient Egypt is actually what got me interested in history at a young age
  • I am 23 years old
  • I change my hair color far more often than a normal person should
  • I am a member of one of the national sororities on campus ΣΣΣ

danger zone

  • I’m a Pisces
  • I love all music! Country, Rap, Classical, Jazz… literally everything
  • I love quotes, so expect to see relevant quotes on all the posts I do
  • I’m super nerdy
  • I have a tendency to quote movies…a lot
  • And I am really excited for this project

Now that you know a little bit about who I am, I hope you enjoy the blog we are going to make for you!  You stay classy internet world.



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